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CultureSource and our research partner WolfBrown present the current Capitalization Needs Assessment Report for data-driven decision-making in your organization.

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, CultureSource executive director Omari Rush had a phone conversation with WolfBrown principal Alan Brown about the need to understand cultural sector impacts of COVID-19, which that day the World Health Organization had labeled a pandemic.

Within two weeks, CultureSource had received a rapid-response grant from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan to commission studies from WolfBrown that would support data-driven decision-making at organization and systems levels.

As Southeast Michigan’s arts and culture coalition, CultureSource has felt an imperative to quickly mobilize knowledge, financial, and social capital to help our sector navigate the chaos and persistent ambiguity of the COVID-19 crisis environment. The report linked in this post wonderfully supports those aims, thanks in part to the contributing executives of 46 organizations who were candid, responsive, and generous throughout this research process.

As you finish reading the report, we expect you’ll ask, “How are organizations doing now?” given compounding impacts of COVID-19 and broadening awareness of institutional and systemic racism as a pandemic.

Please be in touch with the CultureSource team for a real-time answer to that question as well as for information about how you can help. We also hope to produce future editions of this report given that the story of our sector’s resiliency is still unfolding.