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From September through December, 2022, CultureSource has offered a series of monthly marketing workshops to help arts organizations learn new skills to build their audiences.

Our third marketing workshop was presented by Justin Dunn of Increase Branding & Design, a Detroit based full-service marketing agency and the creator of CultureSource’s brand identity. Justin gave participants tips to leverage powerful digital tools to grow an online audience without the headache or heartache. Justin also shared his key strategies for developing online content to keep readers engaged.

Key Takeaways
  1. Branding is all about mental real estate. Think about the key word, phrase, or concept you want your brand to be most strongly associated with and build that into every pitch you have for your organization.
  2. Own the problem. Demonstrate to your audience that you understand the challenges they face, and how working with your organization will help them discover unique solutions.
  3. The biggest mistake you can make: Always asking instead of giving. Audiences get tired of being asked to take action. Frame your events and programs around the kind of experience you are giving the audience.
  4. Keep your audiences engaged by feeding them blog posts, videos, podcasts, photo galleries, and more original content that demonstrates the value of your programs.
  5. Create content that helps you reach one of these four goals:
    • Build brand awareness
    • Increase engagement
    • Generate new leads
    • Convert leads into customers

Download this graphic recording.

You can save these key takeaways by downloading this page as a PDF.