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From September through December, 2022, CultureSource has offered a series of monthly marketing workshops to help arts organizations learn new skills to build their audiences.

Our fourth marketing workshop was presented by Justin Dunn of Increase Branding & Design, a Detroit based full-service marketing agency and the creator of CultureSource’s brand identity. Justin shared tips for crafting a content creation strategy and using audience segmentation as a tool to grow your online audience. Looking to jump-start your own content marketing? Use effective storytelling to demonstrate the human impact of your work, and call your community to action by sharing what you can do for them. Diversifying your content will also help build brand awareness.

Key Takeaways
  1. Don’t “rent” your audience. Social media is just the first step to building your audience. Create content of value and demonstrate to your audience that they can trust you with their email address in order to sustain and eventually engage with you.
  2. Choose your path: In creating your content strategy, always consider:
    • Person: Who are you speaking to? What is their age, what do they do?
    • Purpose: Are you looking to build awareness? Lead conversion?
    • Presentation: How are you presenting this content? Is this educational?
    • Package: Is this a blog post? Short video? How are you getting this to folks?
  3. Repurpose! “You don’t buy a car and just drive it for a week.” When creating
    content, consider the multiple ways that you can re-package, repurpose, and re-use that content. For example, a long form video can be turned into small short segments, blog posts, podcasts, social media content, etc.

You can save these key takeaways by downloading this page as a PDF.