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CultureSource Staff (left to right): Adam DesJardins, Jane Linn, Kim Howard, and Omari Rush

Ever more frequently, the CultureSource staff is being called upon to support the arts and culture sector in Southeast Michigan, and we have a made a prudent, strategic decision to add full-time staff in order to help us realize more of our dreams and to add relief to pressure of creativity building in our aspirations.

Our open searches are for the following positions: managing director (new) and communications manager.

Our hope is these new teammates will begin work at CultureSource before the end of 2019 and will add diversity to our team that does what all the studies say it typically does: make us smarter, more effective, and more innovative.

Thank you for taking time to consider either of these positions as an opportunity for yourself or for someone you coach, mentor, or admire.


* While we are curious about many things—the future of arts journalism, how arts organizations can participate in the 2020 U.S. census, the economics of being an independent artist, and more—we use our strategic blueprint and emerging organizational rubric to keep us mission-aligned and on the edge of new.