Communications Manager

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October 4, 2019

About CultureSource:

CultureSource is a regional arts and culture coalition that advances creative and cultural expression throughout Southeast Michigan. As a service organization, we do this work through hosting professional development workshops that grow creative and leadership capacities, presenting programs that provide space for exchanging ideas about arts and culture, and leading initiatives that bring together stakeholders interested in improving access to creative experiences.


CultureSource does amazing work that our staff team, board, and partners are proud of, and we want more people to know and access the resources we provide. As a new position in our organization, our communications manager develops and continually refines legible messages—through words and images—that are related to the purpose, values, and impacts of CultureSource’s work. The communications manager then uses these messages to help us tell stories, advocate, and dialogue with external audiences, in ways that are strategic, enchanting, spontaneous, creative, and on brand.

The surge in progress CultureSource has recently experienced in gaining more members and partners is grounded in our newly refreshed strategy for positive impacts and in our orientation to responsiveness. Within this culture, our staff work is evolving incrementally and in leaps. As such, the communications manager regularly draws on their capacity to adapt in order to address changing needs of our organization, emergent opportunities, or time-sensitive requests.

Specifically, in late summer and fall, we have made significant progress in evolving our digital presence and infrastructure: we switched our website platform to WordPress, we migrated to a new CRM (NeonCRM), and we refreshed the aesthetics and functionality of our visual identity. Across these transitions, our use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and MailChimp have remained consistent.

Additionally, three of CultureSource’s seven guiding principles are particularly relevant to the frame of the communications manager’s work: 1) we speak clearly, respectfully, and inclusively, 2) we must embrace contemporary culture at its core and edges, and 3) we have a responsibility to elevate voices historically oppressed by privilege

Position Areas of Focus:

Messaging: Maintain up-to-date copy about CultureSource’s background, purpose, and scope of work, and ensure consistent and visible use across communications, notably including those from the executive director.

Visual Identity: Oversee and guide the strategic deployment of CultureSource’s visual identity, governing proper use and keeping internal stockpiles of photos and graphics fresh. Engage in basic image editing (crop, resize, caption, etc.) to prepare photos and graphics for polished use, and where additional creative capacity is needed, manage contractors in photography, design, and videography.

Publishing: Support organizational efforts to publish activity reports, case statements, or knowledge pieces. In service of consistency and efficiency in these communications, maintain an organizational style guide and act as CultureSource’s “Chief Copyediting Officer.”

Storytelling: Use and generate storytelling opportunities—radio, live streaming, blogging, letters to editors, etc.—to compel people to engage CultureSource and support the Southeast Michigan arts and culture sector. Specifically, in social media, express the voice of CultureSource constantly and in ways that are conversational, influential, and fun.

News and Information: Maintain and grow a list of CultureSource contacts (news subscribers, social media followers, and media professionals) and manage strategic content development for and distribution to them, often adding this content to the website and ensuring the website can securely and reliably present this content. Promotion of CultureSource events and programs across all news and information channels is also core to the communications manager’s work.

Candidate Qualities and Characteristics:

Given CultureSource’s time sensitivity in taking advantage of immediately available advancement opportunities, we are prioritizing communications manager candidates who have demonstrated skills.

The ideal candidate “likely” has many of the following characteristics:

  • is a language connoisseur, geeky about corporate/political PR apparatuses and grammar and usage (with unwavering belief in the serial comma)
  • has an educational or professional background in the arts or has a lifestyle-defining engagement of the arts and culture sector
  • is connected to the culture of Southeast Michigan as a native or current resident
  • is attuned to and intrigued by the nuances of different styles of cultural and artistic expression
  • identifies professionally as a marketing, communications, or branding specialist
  • has demonstrably high visual intelligence, for instance, exhibited through abilities to notice inconsistencies in images or to accurately anticipate interpretations of graphics
  • has implemented a communications strategy with revenue and expense goals, and can detail outcomes of that work related to those goals
  • has examples of social media expressions that are aligned with a distinct personal brand or desired influencer strategy
Additional Notes:

The communications manager position is a 40-hour per week role that reports to the executive director and works out of our Detroit office, with regular travel throughout Southeast Michigan to cover CultureSource events and capture arts activity in action.

CultureSource values difference and inclusion, and our hiring practices embody our stance as an equal opportunity employer. Beyond saying these things here, we try to represent these beliefs throughout our foundational documents, in our programmatic and operations decisions, and in the dedication of individuals in our organization to working on their own personal cultural competency.

There are no specific educational or work experience requirements for this role, though candidates will be expected to articulate a commitment to learning and education, the arts and creativity, and setting and achieving goals.


Interested candidates should email the following to with “Communications Manager – [LAST NAME]” in the subject line:

  • Resume detailing experiences, accomplishments, and personal/professional traits relevant to the CultureSource work environment and the communications manager role outlined in this position profile
  • A statement of interest in the communications manager position that expresses why you are interested in this role and that in its style and presentation, conveys your standards for being the lead communicator for an organization like CultureSource

Note: The candidacy of people who submit the materials above will be kept confidential from people outside of this hiring process.