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CultureSource Community:

At CultureSource we are innovation evangelists because of our vision for your future. In it we see your success and your constant re-positioning to embrace the difficult demands of adapting to complexity and exploring what is new.

As your ally in making progress, we join you in using concepts we shared during Innovation Week to create discontinuities in our own work to aid us in better serving you.

The salient example of this is our return-to-work planning. Within our emergent thinking, I only know two things clearly:

We WILL go back to the office for in-person team work.

We WILL NOT go back to the office 5 days a week,
8 hours a day.

Covid-19 has been an evolutionary energy recasting CultureSource as bionic—programmatically and administratively. Our eventual office plan will reflect this reformation and challenge traditions, policies, and privileges—that is, ruffle feathers—but the plan’s fluidity and ongoing experimentation with our new pandemic-era skills and tolerances, ultimately energizes me. As you engage return-to-work planning processes:

  • You can interrogate your own office culture starting with anything you have done the same for the past five years, seasons, cycles, or runs as ideal targets for generative disruption.
  • You can explore ideas in the Harvard Business Review about “Designing the Hybrid Office” and read that “There’s a Perfect Number of Day to Work From Home, and It’s 2,” in The Atlantic.
  • You can consult MIOSHA’s updated State of Michigan workplace safety guidelines. (Please!)
  • You can be encouraged by pandemic “silver linings” our Chicago arts peers are experiencing in their work of not looking back, and by the local successes our Southeast Michigan colleagues are experiencing every day.

Warmest regards,

Omari Rush
Executive Director