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Why You Need To Know the CultureMakers

For the past year, we’ve convened a diverse, Washtenaw County-based group of leaders who live on cutting edge of contemporary arts and culture. From tech to public housing to healthcare, this cross-disciplinary group shares collective knowledge to redefine the essence of arts and cultural experiences.

As a connection point between you and this distinctive group, CultureSource will be checking in with the CultureMakers on a regular basis to share what they’re thinking about and where they’re drawing inspiration from. 

This week, we asked the group, “what’s inspiring you?”, while encouraging all answers, knowing that inspiration can emerge from the big and the small.

Explore their exclusive arts and culture intel through personal interview responses below. 

Click into each CultureMakers profile to see what’s moving them right now.

A Statement on Culture

CultureSource convened the CultureMakers group to explore what culture means from a variety of lenses. Having the word “culture” in the name of our organization, we are very interested in the transformation of this word and its meaning through time.

CultureMakers in the Press

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