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As Southeast Michigan’s coalition of arts and culture organizations, and as an unwaveringadvocate for public funding of the arts, CultureSource supports the Detroit Institute of Arts millage renewal in 2020.

We believe that cultural institutions play a crucial role in keeping Southeast Michigan vibrant, and guided by our vision and values, we embrace our fundamental role in being an ally in their work.

At CultureSource, we also believe that public support for arts and culture organizations—especially when joined by private investment—is important in maximizing potential for public benefit in communities. Broad consensus has grown around this idea too. Michigan governors of both political parties have made significant investments in the State of Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and recent federal legislation hasincreased the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts. Further, voters themselves have recently approved major arts-related millages throughout the region; for instance, both Genesee County, Michigan, and Columbus, Ohio, saw new funding for the arts through public dollars.

We have enjoyed watching the DIA, one of our founding member organizations, expand its ability to serve Southeast Michigan residents, in particular, after tri-county voters approved their 2012 millage. We remain committed to uplifting their work and advancingthe work of organizations of all types that help creative and cultural expression flourish throughout Southeast Michigan.

One Comment

  • Michael Morin says:

    Omari this endorsement is the right thing for our community. The DIA has an operating agreement with the communities that contribute to their support and they are providing programs for tens of thousands of students, seniors and others. It’s a win win.