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$1.5M to be awarded across the seven counties of Southeast Michigan


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CultureSource, in collaboration with Ford Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, has launched a $1.5 million funding program designed to support the career trajectory of culture workers of color in Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

Called the Arc Fund, the initiative offers funding, professional development, and social networking opportunities to culture workers of color to counter race-related historic trends of disadvantage and underrepresentation.

Investing in the careers of people of color who work in the arts is a benefit to everyone in our region as it unlocks inspiring and important creative energy that has historically been stifled by systemic oppression.

Omari RushExecutive Director, CultureSource

The initiative seeks individuals looking and prepared to make a leap in their professional trajectory and expects to distribute 74 unrestricted awards of $15,000 each. All Arc Fund applicants aligned with the vision of the initiative will be awarded access to professional development experiences as well.

Research is another component of the fund. Insights gathered from applicants and awardees will be used to paint a clearer and more compelling picture of the artistic landscape in Detroit and Southeast Michigan. In partnership with Detroit PBS and WolfBrown, key data points will be identified and visualized in recorded programs to recognize the contributions of creative individuals of color to the vibrant artistic ecosystem of Southeast Michigan.

In the context of this program, culture workers are individuals who dedicate significant time or energy toward creative and cultural expression for an audience, with aspirations to have it be their primary source of income or profession. The individuals could be executive directors of arts nonprofits, museum curators, DJs, muralists, choir directors, orchestra marketing coordinators, teaching artists, arts-specific journalists, etc.

Cash awardees may use the unrestricted funds in many ways, including investing in learning new skills, pursuing novel or delayed artistic endeavors, financing or paying off obligations that limit career flexibility, and any activity that supports the development of the awardee’s career.

Applications for the Arc Fund are open, and all are welcome to apply. The deadline for submitting an application is Thursday, May 23 at 5:00pm. For more information about the program and how to apply, please visit


CultureSource is a coalition of creative people and cultural organizations, empowering collaboration, innovation, and coalition-building in the Southeast Michigan arts and cultural sector.

Ford Foundation
Based in New York, the Ford Foundation aims to reduce poverty and injustice, strengthen democratic values, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement across the United States.

Kresge Foundation
The Kresge Foundation, located in metro Detroit, works to expand opportunity in America’s cities through grantmaking and social investing.

Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation is a philanthropic organization focused on enriching the quality of life in Washtenaw County.

WolfBrown collaborates with industry leaders to build a more equitable, pluralistic, and sustainable future for artists and arts organizations through consulting and market research.

Detroit PBS
Detroit PBS (formerly Detroit Public TV) offers a diverse range of programming aimed at educating, informing, and entertaining audiences of all ages.