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CultureSource is working with the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan on their new program to help cultural organizations embody diversity, equity, and inclusion with grants up to $25,000.

We caught up with Greg Yankee, CFSEM director of arts and environmental initiatives, to learn more about the fund.

About the Fund

The Inclusive Arts Fund, formerly the Wilson Arts & Culture Initiative, exists to provide small and midsize art and culture organizations in southeast Michigan with funding to provide access to equitable, innovative, and affordable programming to foster a more inclusive region and drive economic development.

The fund launched in 2022 with an initial investment from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation. The Fund was developed on the belief that investing in art and culture ultimately drives economic development within the region. Support for inclusive access is intended to assist individual organizations and the arts and culture sector as a whole to ensure their offerings and operations are designed to attract and welcome diverse and varied audiences.

What are the goals of the Fund?
  • Invest in the arts and culture sector to foster inclusion as a driver of economic development within southeast Michigan.
  • Ensure small and midsize arts and culture organizations have support to expand programming and build operational capacity.
  • Provide everyone in southeast Michigan with access to equitable, inclusive, and affordable arts and culture programs.
Can grant funding be used for operational expenses such as salaries, rent, or transportation?

Yes, as long as the impact of the dollars connects to the funding program’s purpose: increasing access and promoting inclusivity.

Which is better to apply for, a one-year or multi-year grant?

While there is significant need for immediate impacts, the complexity of issues also means ideas may take more than 12 months to unfold. Applicants, therefore, should focus on describing compelling impacts rather than questioning which grant timeframe is best.

What kind of proposals are most interesting to the foundation?

Call me (Greg)! As always, the Community Foundation team is most interested in discussing your idea with you directly before you apply. Don’t be shy: (313) 961-6675.

What is the application timeline?
  • September 11, 2023: Application opens
  • September 28, 2023: Virtual Q&A Session. Click here to register.
  • October 13, 2023: Deadline to register in online grant system, if you are not already registered.
  • October 16, 2023: Virtual Q&A Session. Click here to register.
  • October 23, 2023: Application deadline