What is the Creators of Culture Grant Program?

We're re-imagining grantmaking.

Many types of arts activities regularly happen in Southeast Michigan, and regardless of scope and scale, they can contribute to the vitality of our communities. Not all of these activities, though, can be funded by Detroit Arts Support program (the funding partnership of metro Detroit foundations, the Kresge and Erb Family Foundations), and the Ford Foundation.

To widen the range of creative projects that are eligible for a boost in funding, this Creators of Culture grant program specifically targets projects that do not qualify for larger grants—maybe because they are too small, new, or informal—and that do have the capacity for positive artistic and social impacts. Through the Creators of Culture grant program, creators will have the opportunity to be funded.

two hands, one black and one white, from two different people, playing a large xylophone together

All images taken by Gabriella Baginski

Why is CultureSource involved in the Creators of Culture Grant Program?

We cultivate creative expression.

Our mission is to advance the work of organizations that cultivate creative and cultural expression in Southeast Michigan.

Working comprehensively within that mission includes offering programs specifically for the creators and artists who are part of, or partner with organizations. CultureSource is proud to be working with arts funders to take arts funding to those who need it, regardless of size or structure.

Additionally, below are five of our seven guiding principles, which also describe some of the values behind our work:

  • We must embrace contemporary culture at its core and edges.
  • Cultural organizations of all sizes can be valued as community anchors.
  • We have a responsibility to elevate voices historically oppressed by privilege.
  • We speak clearly, respectfully, and inclusively.
  • We believe creativity is fundamental.
    NOTE: Creators of Culture grant recipients do not need to be CultureSource members.

How to Apply for a Creators of Culture Grant

Get the 2020 update!

CultureSource expects to announce the 2020 guidelines in July, 2020. Stay tuned for the grant application announcement! Please note that we do not expect that the program will be structured like the 2019 Creators of Culture grant program as we are exercising responsiveness and innovation in a new grantmaking landscape.

Thank you to the 2020 Creators of Culture grant program funders who made this initiative possible.

The Kresge Foundation, The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation, Ford Foundation

small mariachi band playing guitar and music in downtown detroit

CultureSource is essential to Detroit's arts and culture landscape. Through community outreach, programming, and funding, Culture Source highlights and engages with some of the brightest and most brilliant minds in the city of Detroit. As a Creators of Culture grant recipient, I am grateful to be in such amazing and invigorating company.

Imani Mixon2019 Creators of Culture Grant Recipient

Congratulations, 2019 Creators of Culture Grant Recipients!

Celebrating last year's recipients.

Thank you to the 2019 Creators of Culture grant program funders who made this initiative possible.

The Kresge Foundation, The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation, Hudson-Webber Foundation

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