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Co-Thinking On Demand

As our sector works to recover from the pandemic and build resiliency in preparation to face new challenges, CultureSource members voiced their need for guidance when planning their cultural competency and digital technology strategies. To meet these needs, CultureSource has engaged professionals with that expertise to co-think with you on demand and share their knowledge.

For those seeking DEI training, our Equity Strategists are available for scheduled consultations to dialogue about your ideas, needs, and questions. Members seeking more information about building their digital infrastructure can view asynchronous resources from our Technologist-in-Residence.

Equity Strategists-in-Residence

Alfonso Wenker and Trina Olson, Team Dynamics

Social movements advancing the rights of people historically oppressed by privilege have surged. To meet the calls for progress, people are needing to quickly make change, so we have engaged equity strategists-in-residence to support your transition to greater cultural competency. These allies will help CultureSource lead learning sessions, develop resources, and develop shareable templates.

Check out their Podcast on equity and workplace culture. 


Jon Riley, Telescope Vision Llc.

Our technologist-in-residence has complied a set of asynchronous resources for you to explore as you consider building your organization’s digital infrastructure, upgrading equipment, or infusing digital accessibility into a program. Beyond making routine investments in technology, allow these resources to help you imagine possibilities, explore resources, and plan next steps.

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