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Advancing Inclusivity in Southeast Michigan

To help people of all abilities feel empowered to engage with cultural institutions, we have gathered a set of resources for arts patrons and organizations in Southeast Michigan.

One of CultureSource’s six key focus areas is Representational Justice. We believe that representation matters, and all members of our creative coalition deserve to not only see themselves represented in the community, but have equal and fair access to arts experiences. Our aim is that these resources will help arts organizations develop a practice of being thoughtful about accessibility, and work to achieve corrective and reflective representation.

For Individuals
Use this page to learn more about the accessibility offerings at arts and cultural organizations in the region.

For Organizations
Use the articles, directories, and resources to learn about how you can advance inclusivity at your organization.

Arts Organizations Accessibility Index

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CultureSource member organizations embracing accessibility

Ideas and
resources for updating accessibility at your organization


Detroit Disability Power
A metro Detroit membership organization that works to build the political power of the disability community, and collaborates with with other organizations engaging in work that affects people with disabilities.

Resources of Disability and Ableism
Produced by Detroit Disability Power, this document is intended to provide supplemental material to continue personal learning on disability, ableism and audism. These materials are a great starting point for those new to these topics.

Film Event Accessibility Working Group
This national advocacy group seeks to enhance accessibility in film festivals, screenings, and programs across the industry—and offers resources for vendors.

Careers in the Arts Toolkit
This guide created by the National Endowment for the Arts offers guidance for arts organizations to diversify hiring processes for people of all abilities—and offers resources for artists with disabilities to find new career opportunities.

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