Our 2020 at CultureSource begins with welcoming new colleagues to our work: Erica Schopmeyer is our new managing director and Hailey Dukes is our new communications manager. Beyond the digitally formatted info below, we hope you’ll get to meet them in person soon too.

Erica Schopmeyer, Managing Director

In 2019, we envisioned a new position for CultureSource, managing director, to help us navigate the increasing complexity of our work and maximize our capacity to be a resource. Across a wide-reaching search process, Erica emerged as the person for that job.

To join us, Erica is stepping down as business development director at Issue Media Group, an innovative, Detroit-based media company that focuses solutions-oriented journalism coverage on communities across the country.

The adaptive capacities Erica honed at IMG had foundational grounding in degrees from Michigan State and Wayne State universities. From this positioning, she’ll work with CultureSource as a leader—managing, monitoring, and remaking our work—and we are thrilled.

Contact Erica at eschopmeyer@culturesource.org

Hailey Dukes, Communications Manager

Our new lead communicator is Hailey Dukes—aka Father Dukes to anyone within earshot of her turntables. Hailey has moved through communications roles at Allied Media Projects, Charity USA, and PLAYGROUND DETROIT, along the way gaining fluency messaging in diverse channels and gaining an understanding of the range of creative expression thriving throughout Southeast Michigan.

As CultureSource aims “to embrace contemporary culture at its core and edges,” and “to speak respectfully, clearly, and inclusively,” Hailey is well positioned to help us live and grow in these two guiding principles of our organization. If you don’t already know Hailey, we expect you will comment on her cheery and optimistic disposition, one that our team now gets to benefit from daily.

Contact Hailey at hdukes@culturesource.org

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