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CultureSource’s vision is of flourishing Southeast Michigan communities that visibly benefit from a diverse and thriving arts and culture sector. Toward that vision, we promote sector visibility, support the vitality and “thrivability” of member organizations, offer creative ideas and inspiration, and look for cultural opportunities to improve the community.

As a CultureSource member, your entire organization—staff, board, and volunteers—become part of a vibrant, multidisciplinary alliance that believes in creating impact through artistic and cultural expression. We are proud to offer our members access to an array of opportunities to help advance their organizations and improve general community well-being through arts and culture.

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What can a CultureSource membership do for your organization?

Get Professional Development — Our member opportunities can help your organization build capacity by providing access to revenue resources, leadership training, and expanded audiences. This means learning new skills, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, and getting the tools you need to do your work best. 

Participate in Networking Opportunities/Convenings — Cultivate and grow collegial relationships within and outside of our regional arts and culture sector. The potential for relationship building and peer-to-peer learning in our wide-reaching member network is boundless and we encourage interconnectivity between members.   

Invitations — As a member, you will receive invites to informative and inspirational events with peers who have similar affinities, artistic practices, or job titles. Broaden your horizons by learning from distinguished guests who are national experts and thought leaders while collaborating with your member contemporaries. Member events also afford an opportunity to build collaborations, partnerships, and friendships with people who identify differently and have different ways of thinking.

Funding Opportunities Utilize our unique position with local and national funding partners to access grant opportunities exclusive to CultureSource members. We believe that a strong financial core is essential to the capacity to serve and create, and we want our members to attain this stability.

Advocacy  Let us use our voice in the regional arts and culture sector to be a champion for your work and goals. 

Visibility  Obtain a listing in our widely-viewed CultureSource Member Directory so you can be easily found by our audience of leaders and engaged community members.

News  With your member subscription to CultureSource’s monthly member newsletter, you can stay on top of the latest sector news and hear updates straight from our executive director.

Ease Your Search As a connector and instigator, CultureSource is constantly refreshing our mailings, social media and website with events, job postings, and funding opportunities. Stop searching and let the news come right to your inbox.

Recruit Are you looking to add talent to your organization? Submit your job posting to CultureSource and we will circulate for you. Non-members have to pay $25 per posting, but for members, job postings are free.

CultureSource offers membership annually. Registration is open year-round, and is valid for the duration of the calendar year. Membership dues are based upon an organization’s annual operating budget.

Membership Cost

Annual Budget
Membership Cost
$100,000 and Under
$250,000 - $749,999
$750,000 - $999,999
$1,000,000 - $1,999,999
$2,000,000 - $4,999,999
$5,000,000 - $9,999,999
$10,000,000 - $14,999,999
$15,000,000 - $19,999,999
$20,000,000 and above

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Are you ready to unlock the benefits of CultureSource membership? Complete our online application, make your payment and we’ll be in touch soon. If you have questions about CultureSource membership or benefits, send a note to our director of stewardship and engagement Kim Howard.

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