Electronic Music & Media Technical Assistant

MSU Community Music School-Detroit

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Posted On:

November 21, 2019


East Lansing, MI

Job Type:

Part Time- 20 Hours A Week

Job Description:
  • Composition program concert coordination and support
  • Supervise and work with students when they are recording concerts when recording services are not used.
  • Archiving concert recordings
  • Repair and maintain equipment
  • Maintain public computer lab space, composition technology labs and practice rooms/studio spaces that use the equipment for music composition
  • Coordinate with composition faculty on needs for the department (i.e. technological needs)
  • Research and keep up on new developments in gear within the field of electronic music and performance
  • Coordinate with faculty on needs for classroom lab space, make sure that all faculty who use that space have what they need and that it is in good working order
  • Coordinate with software companies on subscriptions and other matters
  • Order and maintain gear
Preferred Skills:
  • BA/BM/BS in Music Technology or related field
  • Interest and experience in Music technology and music composition from a variety of perspectives (Classical, Jazz, film music, popular genres)
  • Familiarity and comfort with 8 channel and large scale speaker arrays, including ambisonics and wavefield synthesis.
  • Experience in designing interfaces using microcontrollers, Arduino, and analog musical circuit design.