Closing and Re-Opening

Making the Decision

Planning events takes a lot of effort, time, and sometimes investment. With COVID-19 cancelling public gatherings and closing spaces, you may be wondering if you how you should continue with planning events in the summer and fall, and how to reopen your spaces in the safest, most thoughtful ways possible.

Each scenario is different, but we have curated guidelines and considerations that you can consult when making this difficult decision.



Looking Toward Re-Opening

Re-opening is an organizational future we will eventually need to plan for. Please consider these guidelines from as you start planning to open doors again.

    • Clean and Disinfect Your Space – consider these guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. How will you implement these guidelines in your space? Who will do what? Let staff and customers know these details.
    • Consider Stages – Re-Opening can be a gradual process, and you do not have to provide the full breadth or depth of services all at once. Consider things like staffing and product availability when making these decisions. How do you recalibrate your staff and operations to slowly and thoughtfully reopen to them, and the public?
    • Clear Messaging – Keep your audience and followers in the know at every step of the way. You can do this using your website, social media channels, mailings and more. Let them know about services provided, plans to open and any changes that may occur, and your plans for maintaining a safe and clean space.
    • Check the Pulse – Re-opening may present new challenges for your organization. Be in contact with leadership, co-workers, and staff to understand how the implementation of re-opening plans is impacting the internal workings of your organization.
    • Re-Engage – How can you heighten visibility of your organization once you re-open? How can you assure your networks of your mission, services, and offerings while establishing trust?
    • Sustainable Funding – Consider what streams of funding you will need to continue on with your business. How may you secure these funding streams, what methods will you use to fundraise?

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